LowPoly Kingdoms - Development Log #1

LowPoly Kingdoms - Development Log #1

A few new features being penciled in to the game. A scroll system which will allow me to create a vast number of scrolls the player can find and set up the text for each in an efficient way. Please keep in mind these game features are all works in progress and do not represent a finished system. As with all code you need to start with the basics and once in a bit of polish and improvements can be made.

The Scrolls will be used to help the player solve puzzles in the game, such as the mystery of the stone circles. They will also provide bits of map, quests and other information. I think it will work well and Im very pleased with what is included so far.

Also giving the player an onscreen indicator as too how much gold they have has been included. This system again is very early in development so please keep that in mind. As you will see in the video I've already added in a system to smash up rocks and to provide the player with some kind of reward found within them. The player is only capable of smashing up stones once they have aquired a sword or other weapon.

The stone reward system will be expanded upon but for now all rocks will provide a gold reward.  I think the system will be expanded to include silver and gem stones as Im heading towards adding in some kind of crafting system and the player will need more than gold to work with. Finding things within rocks offers one way in which the player can gain some resources outside of quests or missions.

If you have any suggestions or requests then please feel free to let me know .

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This aesthetic is really cool. I also like all the work you are doing with state machines. This is a project I am interested in watching the development of if you continue to post updates.

Thanks, I like the look as well. I do like to try to get the most out of a bit of code and in Dev update #2 https://citrus2d.itch.io/lowpoly-kingdoms/devlog/124185/lowpoly-kingdoms-develop... there is a bit more done along those lines. The video on the Map Scrolls is cut off a bit at the start due to me running out of time.

Awesome. Thanks! I saw you had a demo up at one point. When another one comes back around I will definitely download to see how development is going on that front. I have a similar season-kingdom system in development, which has some lore behind it but a lot of the simulations are not very developed yet. I will read your updates as they are published.... cheers